Frequently Asked Questions


SDALT is committed to providing quality conservation easements for landowners who have carefully evaluated whether an easement fits the sustainability of their farm or ranch, and supports their long-term goals.

The objective of this document is to address typical concerns and answer some common questions regarding conservation easements, so that landowners can make a better-informed choice regarding whether a conservation easement is the right option for their particular situation.

The frequently asked questions are categorized into the following sections:

  1. The Basics – this section deals with the basic elements of conservation easements (what an easement is, what rights are conveyed in an easement, how long it takes to convey an easement, the costs of conveying an easement, etc.).
  2. The Financial Aspects – this section details how conservation easements are valued, how much they cost and describes the financial incentives that are associated with conveying a conservation easement.
  3. The Specifics – this section details specific information related to water rights, oil and gas development, renewable energy, condemnation and other specific issues that typically generate questions from landowners.
  4. Stewardship – this section details the relationship between the land trust and landowner once the conservation easement has been completed.

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