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July 5th, 2022

Agricultural Land Trust Hosts Conservation Easement Celebration 

The South Dakota Agricultural Land Trust (SDALT) celebrated its first conservation easement with a gathering on Thursday, June 23rd. Individuals from across the state were invited to the recently conserved Oak Hills Ranch. The agreement conserves 762 acres of forests and mountain meadows, adding to the scenic character of Spearfish while maintaining the local agricultural landscape. Read More


March 4th, 2022

Ag Land Trust Accepts First Conservation Easement 

The South Dakota Agricultural Land Trust (SDALT) has partnered with a Lawrence County landowner on its first conservation easement. “The Oak Hills Ranch will remain a working ranch under the easement,” said Lyle Perman, SDALT President, Lowry, SD. “In addition, the easement will preserve native habitat for wildlife and help protect the natural integrity of the Spearfish Creek watershed." Read More